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Making Records....

For some years now I've had the great privilege of working in the studio with other artists as a producer. It's something I've always really enjoyed. It's very satisfying to create something from scratch or take just the seed of an idea and bring it to fruition. It's the collaboration aspect that I enjoy the most. 

Living in Nashville for over a decade now. I've been fortunate to call on many talented and gifted musicians who make their living playing on other peoples records. Nashville is buzzing with many young new musicians just getting started and also veterans that have been around since the early days of recording making. And I'm constantly amazed at the level of skill and creativity these folks can bring to a project.

For me record production is so often about casting the right combination of players for the project, giving a minimum amount of direction and then doing my best to stay out of the way.. allowing their instinctive ideas to flow. 

I consider myself very fortunate to have had so many wonderful experiences over the years and 'God willin' and the creek don't rise' I  look forward to many more!.... x Rp

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