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USA - SAT MAY 25TH, 2024 8PM CDT
AUS - SUN MAY 26TH, 2024 11AM AEST





Hey, all you aspiring singer songwriters! This one's for you, no matter if you're an amateur or a pro..., even if you just sing your heart out in the shower! My goal with this Masterclass is to spill the beans on my personal process and help you unleash your inner artistry.


I've been a recording artist in the music industry for over three decades and performing on stage since I was eight years old. As a singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a music producer,

I've had some incredible experiences throughout my career.  I owe a lot of it to the amazing people who've mentored me along the way. Now, it's my turn to pay it forward.


That's why I'm stoked to present this class online, where we can have a real-time, interactive experience.

When you grab a ticket, you'll get a Zoom link that'll bring you right into the room with me. We'll be able to see and hear each other, chat and ask questions. It's like we're hanging out together!


We'll be diving deep into the art of



What does it truly mean to be a singer? How can you find your unique voice and unleash it with confidence? We'll also tackle those frustrating moments when your vocal range feels like it's gone MIA or your voice is hoarse. No worries, I've got some kickass techniques that can help get your voice back on track.


Then we'll move on to


What does it mean to be a songwriter? How do we pour our hearts out and share our stories with the world? Writing songs is a personal journey, and it's one of the few ways we can be truly original. But hey! we all hit roadblocks. Like when you're poised, pen in hand and the blank page is staring back at you. Or when you find yourself stuck on the same ol' chord progressions and storylines. Well, don’t panic! I've got some super tips to share with you that'll help you break free from that creative maze.


And of course, we can't forget about



What does it take to be a kickass performer, someone who connects deeply with their audience? We've all witnessed those mind-blowing concert experiences and wondered how are they are doing that? What's their secret sauce? Well, I'm here to lift the veil and show you how you can take your performance up to the next level! Oh, and don't worry if you're shaking in your boots, because trust me, you've got this!


So mark your calendars for this event:

USA- Saturday May 25th, 2024  8 pm CDT

   AUS - Sunday, May 26, 2024 at 11am AEST

Join me for a supercharged 90-minute, online,

fully interactive Masterclass where you'll discover your inner artistry!

Can't wait to see you there!   



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